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Come to the UK Southern Book Show and meet more than
40 remarkable UK authors!
Listen to readings and
learn about writing and publishing.
Treat yourself to a great book!

2021 Show News

What a year it has been! The plan was to hold a book show in Chichester's Priory Park in The Priory as above. Because of the pandemic, this year, the book show will be held over the weekend of 11 and 12 September online.

If you are an author, book blogger or reader, and would like to take part in the show, then I am inviting you to send me five to ten minute videos of yourselves talking about your favourite books, your author's journey, your books, writing, publishing tips, your presentations or your trailers. I am leaving the content to you so you can either record yourself talking or you can create a promotional trailer. I will also be doing live Book Chats with Nat (or will attempt to if the internet is behaving itself) and appear live on Facebook. The videos you send me will be fed onto the website and Facebook over the two days and will remain there after the show is over so you will be able to share them and promote your books/blogs further.

I plan to run competitions for viewers and will invite everyone to add a line to this year's book. 'Times Like These'. More to come on that :)

If you want to keep up with event news then please subscribe using the post card below.

If you are an author or a blogger, to take part there is a small fee of £10 which will cover admin fees and advertising.


Just some of the UK Southern Book Show Authors

Carol M. Creasey
Crol South (1).jpg

I have been writing since 1993, and my first book was inspired by my son, who was born with many difficulties including autism. It is entitled MY LIFE IS WORTH LIVING! 


I then went on to write 4 more novels, and my latest work is my autobiography CANDIDLY CAROL.    website link 



T.G. Campbell

T.G. Campbell is an award winning crime fiction author who writes about a group of amateur detectives operating in Victorian Era London called the Bow Street Society. The Society's members use their ordinary expertise from their ordinary jobs to solve extraordinary crimes.


Website: www.bowstreetsociety.com

Amazon Author page: 


'Award winning Author Michelle Holland has 9 self-published books, all available on Amazon'. Signed copies on request.

Amazon Author page: 

Johanna Jackson

Johanna's Amazon Author page: 

Johanna's website: 

Felicity Fair Thompson

Felicity Fair Thompson - travel writer, film maker, children's writer, novelist, playwright - and she teaches! Visit Felicity's website: 

AM Hellberg Moberg

AM Hellberg Moberg is a UK-based, multi-lingual writer, who has worked on 27 books, including five works of fiction – two short story collections and three illustrated hardbacks for young adults. She writes in English, Swedish and Spanish.

Natasha Murray Image (2019_01_01 12_18_2
2020 Book Line Up.jpg

Natasha Murray is a West Sussex author and lives in Littlehampton. She is a diverse writer and produces books for all ages.

She says, “I enjoy writing and it is both a pleasure and a compulsion. My books are intriguing and are original with plenty of twist and turns."

Adam D. Searle

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Hope To See You There 

The Adventures of Catkins created at the book show on 28 October 2018. Continued in April...